Happy New Year!

Another year has rolled past and it’s time to wish you all a happy 2013.  The Mayans were wrong, as was all the other doomsday predictors: Harold Camping and the Prophet Warren Jeffs (yes, that Warren Jeffs of FLDS infamy).  We’re safely 13 years past Y2K (remember that?) and so far no earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, Yellowstone Park’s geysers blowing their tops (Jeffs’ prediction), or asteroids hitting earth.  (Of course, as I type this, the “Fiscal Cliff” still looms….)


Wherever you are in this world I sincerely wishyou all a prosperous and wonderful New Year.  My normal length blog posting will return next week with pithy comments on something.  Meanwhile here’s a succinct quote for the day by one Emily Miller:

“Then sing, young hearts…with never a thought of sorrow; the old goes out, but the glad young year comes merrily in tomorrow.”

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Merry Christmas!


Yuletide Greetings from out here in Utah.  I wish you all a blessed and peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.  With warm thoughts of all my friends and family at this time of year!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog now and then.  See you here next week.

Miss you and love you!


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In Memoriam: Newtown, Connecticut


And all of heaven wept….

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But Will the Food Taste Better?

Thank heavens it didn’t konk out with the Thanksgiving turkey roasting in it!

Last Saturday, with the fourth tray of Christmas cookies happily baking away our oven died.  I had just put the cookies in and shut the door, walked away for a few minutes and upon returning, noticed a bright light through the oven door window.  Thinking to myself, “Gee, I didn’t turn on the oven light,” I opened the door to discover about 4 inches of the bottom heating element white hot.  No flames, but you know what metal looks like coming out of a forge in a blacksmith’s shop, ready to be hammered?  Well, that was the situation.  My daughter and I quickly assessed the danger and turned off the oven.  Luckily, I use a baking stone which retains heat, so the cookies in the turned-off oven managed to finish baking.

The rest of the family was heading out that late afternoon for Lara’s work Christmas party at an elk ranch, so that gave us 2 hours to head over to R.C. Willey’s, the local furniture and appliance store, to shop for a new range.  Bob opted out as he doesn’t really cook too much, so Lara and I drove over to, you know, “just kick some tires and get prices.”

Less than an hour later, we had selected a stove/oven and arranged for Monday delivery and, boy, is it ever nice!

The new range, all tricked out.

The new range, all tricked out.

This is probably boring the few male readers I have, but after all, you do eat things cooked on appliances such as this….  It has a ceramic cooktop with an extra warming element plus the standard 4 cooking elements that can heat to 2 different sizes; you choose the heat to the pan size.  Ovens on newer models have done away with exposed bottom heating elements (like the one that got white hot on ours) and now sport a solid oven bottom.  The oven can also function as a convection oven, so I’ll have to read up on how that works, never having had one of those before.  This will be a real learning curve!  It’s pimped up with more digital controls than the former range had; I can now set the oven on a timer to turn on at a pre-set time (I know this is older technology, but the stove that died didn’t have that feature).

This is the third major appliance to have kicked the bucket in the last 2 or so years, so if things happen in threes, we’re done.  (For those of you who are keeping count, first the dishwasher went, then the spare refrigerator, and now the range.)

Any way you look at it, it’s a thing of beauty.  Too bad they’re so pricey; after sales tax and an extended warranty, this baby tipped the scales at just over a grand.  We could have gotten the top of the line–which would have meant renovating the entire kitchen.  That puppy goes for a cool $12,000.00!!!  Bob quipped that for that price, you should be able to drive it to work, too!

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A Pause in December to Reflect


I usually try to be upbeat, funny, irreverent, or eclectic in my blog topics, but with the joy of the Christmas season almost fully upon us, so much has happened of a serious nature, that I really need to pause and reflect on less frivolous issues, as there are now too many to ignore.

Many people in my circle of friends and relatives are facing life altering health concerns and now a good friend in Utah has had death visit her home.  Life goes on, even through the joyous mood of the Christmas season, and sometimes it’s a challenge.

Without naming names, the list is exhausting:

  • A family relative is facing major lung surgery in mid-December
  • A relative of friends had bowel surgery for cancer
  • A long-time friend had bowel surgery for an abscess and now has a colostomy and is weakening daily
  • An old friend (and her husband) is struggling with her physical and mental issues
  • My friend in Utah lost her husband to a debilitated physical condition and the ravages of old age
  • A family member just had to put the family dog down
  • An other close friend continues to deal with a variety of health challenges

And most of these crises appeared since around Thanksgiving.  It’s been a tough late fall and I fear the worst is not over yet.  Things happen in threes, so I can only imagine….

An on top of that list, I know of several folks, here in Utah, back east, and out of the country who are continuing to be treated for chronic medical problems that have lasted for years.

I don’t mean to depress anyone or bring you down during the holidays, but folks are hurting and need good thoughts and prayers sent their way.

Of course, it’s not all gloom and doom: a baby (or two or three!) has been born, there was a successful treatment for cancer, and a new pet has been adopted, success in school, plus plenty of December birthdays to celebrate!

By next week’s posting, the world and I will have moved on to other things, but I just needed to share these concerns this week with whomever reads this blog.

Attention must be paid.

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