Final Post of 2013: Happy New Year!

Can you believe it?  New Year’s Eve is upon us and 2014 awaits on the threshold.

It’s been an eventful year: an old friend of mine passed away 2 days after my birthday in February, I also lost another friend who was a legend of a jazz pianist on the East Coast, my son in Pennsylvania undertook major house renovations just before Christmas, my daughter was in a bad car accident about 3 weeks ago (she’s much better now), my son in California and his wife are separating, and I’ve been quietly dealing with some long term health issues, but am making progress.

We’re all pretty much done with 2013 (it had to be a 13!) and are anticipating with great hope and relief the changing of the year tonight.

Out here in Utah not much happens.  A few neighborhood fireworks are set off and we watch the ball drop in Times Square, at 10:00 PM our time and then go to bed.  If we had the energy and drive, we could get ourselves to downtown Salt Lake City for the 5th annual Eve Celebration.  It’s a family affair, all free, with music in several spots, a beach ball room and a hula hoop room for the young at heart, and probably not too many drunken carousers.  It’s mostly outdoors, so bundle up; it’s cold outside, baby.

We’ll watch football tomorrow and pig out on surf (lobster tail and crab legs) and turf (filet mignon) for dinner.

As for the coning year, not sure what items of interest there’ll be, but being Utah, things are always fascinating.  I know one news story I’ll tackle is the overturning of the same-sex marriage law and the upcoming court battle.  Utah could very well be the state that sends this debate to the US Supreme Court.  Stay tuned and grab your crash helmet, things could get rough.

So until 2014, have a super start to the new year and I hope 2014 brings peace, joy and prosperity to all.



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