Shocking Headline in Today’s Paper

This sort of incident doesn’t happen in towns like quiet Syracuse.  It usually happens elsewhere, in rougher communities like West Valley City or Taylorsville.  I had heard a breaking TV report on the late news last night, but there weren’t any details.  But there it was, the lead headline in the morning Standard-Examiner: “3 found dead in Syracuse home.”

It seems it was some sort of domestic argument that had spilled over from yesterday when police were called to the home.  A woman owned the home–and it’s close-by to us, around the area of Ethan’s elementary school, which is only about 4 blocks away.  She lived there with her fiancé who was apparently moving out after a break-up and had a do-it-yourself moving van in the driveway.  Other neighbors said he looked agitated and distraught.  Not many other facts are known, but the police say there’s no danger to the neighbors and they are not looking for a suspect or have someone in custody.  The morning news is just coming on and there’s now more information, hot off the wires:  The victims are the mother and her 2 daughters, aged 13 and 7.  The police are calling it a murder-suicide.  The police have spoken with the fiancé and it sounds like he’s not a suspect.  Does that mean the mother shot her daughters and then killed herself?  Yikes!  That’s so sad.

Talking about news updates, as you are probably aware, the US Supreme Court has put on hold any more same-sex marriages in Utah until the case can be heard and a similar situation has now happened in Oklahoma.  Back in Utah, following the Supreme Court’s stay, our governor, Gary Herbert, personally made a decision to invalidate all marriages that took place while the law was overturned for the few days around Christmas.  The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals told him he couldn’t do that, so now those couples who tied the knot truly are in limbo: are their marriages valid or not?  What about benefits, taxes, and property?  It’s a mess.  There’s also a petition signed by 10s of thousands of people that has been presented to the governor protesting the use of $2 million dollars of state taxpayer’s money to fight same-sex marriages in court.  Our schools are in desperate need of money (as always) and in the winter, weather inversions trap polluted air in the Salt Lake Valley and the money could be earmarked for that clean-up, too.   People are up in arms over this and informal polls now show a majority of Utahns are no longer against same-sex marriages.

As I said before, this could get interesting, so brace yourselves.

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