This Week in Utah

Call it the winter blahs or January doldrums, but I must say here it is Friday and I’m just now writing a blog posting.  Not much happened  recently except sad, scary, or unfortunate news.  I thought it might be a downer if I shared those incidents, but not much else came along to save me from writing about them, so here goes.

Last week in the Jensen Nature Park right here in Syracuse a 13 year-old boy and his younger friend were playing out on the ice on the small lake.  (We know this park well, as we take Charlie there for walks.)  We’ve had a few warmish days recently, so they were risking a disaster on unstable ice and it happened.  The older boy fell through the ice and was rescued by an off-duty police office who happened to be jogging on the trails.  A few other folks pitched in to assist and there was a happy ending to the dunking in the icy water.  The boy was wet and cold and learned a valuable lesson, I hope.  His rescuer was also cold and wet, but earned the title of hero.

And just yesterday a police officer who stopped to assist a car parked along the Interstate, was shot and killed by some deranged man who sped off and who, in another county, shot and critically wounded yet another police officer.  Both gunshots were head wounds.  After a high-speed chase through a total of 4 counties, the suspect was shot himself and wounded.  This was on I-15, south of us about 2 hours away.  It’s really sad as the officer who was killed left a wife and 5 children.  So, Utah will have another police funeral to plan.  The injured officer was taken to emergency surgery and, though in critical condition, is expected to make a full recovery.

The unfortunate news actually made the national news and it’s embarrassing; sort of a “what were they thinking?” situation.  In a local elementary school, there was a snafu in notifying parents that their child’s lunch account was in arrears.  The kids, about 30 of them, weren’t aware of this and got through the lunch line with their trays to the cashier.  They were met at that point by a district lunchroom supervisor who promptly confiscated their food trays, dumped them in the trash–in front of the kids!–and substituted a piece of fruit and a carton of milk.  The kids were upset and crying and the adults unrepentant.  Later, the parents complained to the school principal as they were outraged.  The lunch supervisors have now been put on administrative leave and policies will be reviewed.  What a mess!

Let’s hope February is a nicer month and that the groundhog is wrong if he sees his shadow.  I’m done with winter as is the rest of the nation!  Am praying for a terror-free Olympics….

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