My Modest Experiment


It started by chance 2 weeks ago.  I didn’t post a blog.  First I missed in over 3 years.  It was unintentional, but it happened.  Then 1 week stretched into 2 weeks, and now it is Thursday of the third week.

Funny thing: no one–not one soul–e-mailed me, called me, posted a comment on my blog about where is my weekly offering.  Nada.  Zip.  Zero.  Zilch.

That left me wondering: is anyone actually reading these ruminations and musings anymore?

Life moves on.  Things are getting dull out here, I guess.  No more funny obits, backyard chicken wars, oddball Utah happenings.  Only one Mayan end-of-the-world date (and we’re still here).  I find myself scrounging for tidbits to write about, so perhaps that’s why I purposely let 1 week slide into 2.  To see what would happen.   The world didn’t end, though my former home on the east coast got pounded with snow storms.

So that leaves me with a dilemma.  Do I continue to try to post weekly or do I post when I actually have something I’d like to say, knowing no one might read it?  For the time being, I’m leaning toward posting something worthwhile, and if that means skipping weeks here and there, I think my 4 potential readers will forgive me.  So, having written that, I want to thank those who have stuck with me and I’ll notify you in Facebook (as I usually did) when I post a blog entry.  Or, you can check back from time to time to see if there’s something new.  Everything is archived, so if you want to revisit a post from, say, 2 years ago, you can.

Perhaps once the Olympics are over and spring has arrived, there’ll be something to share.

Chapter One of this adventure was enjoyable, at least for me, so we’ll see what happens in Chapter Two, when I post only when there’s some riveting reason.



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  1. sorry to hear this. and since feb. nothing to write about?? now I know you beter than that.

  2. Too bad for those who have no time to read or just forget to check the internet. It happens. I think we have to put all your blogs together to make a neat and interesting book.
    Meantime, I am very busy with (right now) painting a pic for PWCS’s international show…I’m on the board and it is expected. However I am entering other painting shows and also doing my ceramics for future shows. Another however, I need to get the outside cleaned up and planting done (big job) so you can see how it is…plus I need to get Tom out of the house every day to offset his cabin fever.
    The weather here is beautiful today and has been lovely this Spring..we had one week of hot, hot days, now it is really like Spring…today will go to 75 degrees.
    Tomorrow is Founder’s Day at Girard College and I will be taking Tom so he can take part in the religious service and meet up with his pals, etc. A bore for me as I have done this before several times. I’ll take a book. Reading Winter in the World or The World in Winter…by Follett..thick book and I am just starting but it is excellent…from 1939 to (I forget) and to start it is seen through the eyes of an 8 year old girl in Germany. Since I know what is going to happen, it has a scary sense about it.
    We have a pool problem this year, cold winter put a fold in the wall under the skimmer…1400.00 to repair…can’t use it for Memorial Day party. Oh well…I’ll get the d thing fixed!
    Gotta go but will reply more later.
    Hope treatment going well.
    Love ya, Jane

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